Freeze-Dried Meals Pre-Sale and Enjoy 20% Off!

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Freeze-Dried Meals Pre-Sale and Enjoy 20% Off!

T4 Adventure Food

Why should you have to sacrifice great tasting meals when outdoors? The short answer is, you don’t have to!

For too long, we’ve all compromised our nutrition and tastes ‘for the adventure.’ Bonking, hangry, calorie deficit… whatever you call it, it's happening to us all more than we’d care to admit. 

Good food is too heavy… Dried meals are grim… 

Jenn got tired of hearing the excuses she and her friends made, got to making her own camping meals and wants to share them with everyone

T4 Adventure food is made with high quality products from Ireland’s local farmers, butchers and businesses. To ensure we had a bigger positive impact on the environment,  our adventure meals are packed in biodegradable packaging that doubles as a cooking and eating container and decomposes into biomass, not micro-plastics. With the addition of just boiling water, our convenient meals are quick and easy to prepare so you can enjoy wherever, whenever.

Naturally tasty and nutritious, our meals provide the fuel you need to have the most fun on your adventurers.  Creative recipe combinations and improved adventure staples mean product variety and great taste reward without sacrificing flavour for fun.

As every T4 meal is prepared, cooked, and packaged by hand, we pride ourselves in crafting a range of signature meals using only the best seasonal ingredients that are freeze dried to preserve maximum flavour and nutrition! 

By pre-ordering our products, you’re supporting a network of Irish producers!  Your pre-orders help dictate how much product should be made so we don’t overproduce and create food waste. Most importantly, to a small startup like ourselves, you provide the financial validation we need to help kick start our enterprise and fund our growth. Meaning, more tasty products to fuel your adventures!

We want to give our adventurous first customers 20% off to buy (already applied in the shop),  try, enjoy and love our delicious adventure meals! Psst you'll also receive free shipping on orders over 25. 

T4 Adventure is on a mission to supply great tasting, nutrient dense meals and snacks so anyone with a taste for adventure can eat well, pack light and leave no trace. 

We strive to empower adventurers around the world to use the outdoors as a way to connect with themselves, their community and the environment around them.

Have some feedback or any custom meal requests? Don’t be shy let us know! We’d love to hear from you.