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Nope! All meals are cooked by chefs and ready to eat, just add boiling water!

Note from Team T4:
We recommend using freshly boiled water. 

The meal will rehydrate with warm water, you’ll just need to stir more frequently and wait longer for the food to rehydrate.

Using cold water means you don't get the hot meal ~*experience*~, but it can be necessary depending on your activity (looking at you ocean rowers) so plan to wait at least 45 minutes, stirring occasionally, before you dig in.

Another note from the Team:

Our directions are set for sea level. Rehydration times will be longer at higher elevations.

Our adventure meals have a lab accredited 12 month long shelf life! Our tests are ongoing but we are aiming for a shelf life between 18 and 24 months past the manufactured date. 

Keep up to date in our newsletter to know how our flavour and safety quality tests are going. 

Hell no! Our FREEZE DRIED meals are made with real food, no joke.

We don’t use any chemical preservatives or additives, the preservation comes from removing water and oxygen through the freeze-dry process to naturally preserve our dishes. 

Then our compostable package blocks out light, oxygen and moisture to keep your meal as fresh as the day we made it!

We preserve our food using the latest technology and are proud to say that all of our products are freeze-dried.

Unlike other dehydrated meals, we retain the most (97%) nutrition and sensory qualities (think taste, texture and aroma)

We choose to freeze dry because it means that what you see in the pouch looks exactly like the ingredient listed on the back – not some shriveled up version of it.

We’re also different from our freeze dried food friends – instead of puzzle piecing together dried ingredients to form a recipe, we cook all our meals in small batches to get an uncompromised depth of flavour. Just to make your adventure that more special 🙂

No thanks necessary, good food is important to us.

Yep! The recipes we developed do not contain gluten. It wasn’t even on purpose, just one of those happy accidents that we’ll continue to make sure we don’t exclude anyone.

Hell yea! Everyone deserves good food, no matter your dietary needs. We don’t want anyone left out or having to sacrifice food for their adventure.

Try our Vegan Sampler to see for yourself how tasty veggie adventure meals can be!

We will take the payment when the order is placed. However if you change your mind and want to cancel the pre-order, please contact our customer service team who will issue your refund. 

We are currently available for shipment in Ireland and some of the EU. We are constantly looking to improve our reach, to see if your country is available for delivery, enter your address at checkout. Please send us a note if we are not yet available in your area, but would like us to be.

As much as we wish we could, we can’t support everyone’s gnarly activity. However, we do offer sponsorships if you’ve got a dope story to tell. Share your story with us in an email with details of what kind of support you are looking for and we’ll see how we can best work together.

We love that you want to spread the delicious truth of T4 Adventure.

If you have a Taste for Adventure and an interesting story to tell, share your story in an email with details of the community you are engaging with and we’ll see how we can best work together.

T4 Adventure has a 30 days return policy. Past 30 days we are unfortunately unable to offer a refund or replacement. To be eligible for a refund, your item must be unused and in its original packaging. If you have supplied incorrect details such as an incomplete address we are not accountable for this and you are not eligible for a refund in this instance. If the product is returned to us due to an incorrect address we will reach out to see if you still wish to receive the item for an additional cost. We require proof of purchase in order to process your return. Once your return is received and has been inspected, we will notify you of your refund status. Refunds are issued within 1-2 business days.